Minh’alma sabe que viver é se entregar, sabendo que ninguém pode julgar se teve que olhar pra trás ou não. Talvez se a vida me trouxer o que eu pedi, te encontro e faço tudo que quiser, te dizendo: “o sol renasce amanhã”.
Meu Sol; Vanguart
Residência Olivo Gomes (Rino Levi) - São José dos Campos, SP

Residência Olivo Gomes (Rino Levi) - São José dos Campos, SP

There are just some kind of men…who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one.
To Kill a Mockingbird; Harper Lee
São dos olhares (…)(…) Falam o que não se ouveGuardam o que se sente

(LXXV; P.)

São dos olhares (…)

(…) Falam o que não se ouve
Guardam o que se sente

(LXXV; P.)

I’d change my name if I had one to change, I’d change the world if I wasn’t so plain, I see your eyes in my eyes suddenly…
Tidal Wave; Husky



(I hope to fulfil my dream
And someday return to my homeland
Where the mountains are green
And the waters run clear)

ふるさと (Home)
Fue adonde a mí me perdieron que logré por fin encontrarme?
Pablo Neruda
Open road with no direction we must go. Lovely soul, passenger seat angel.
Passenger; Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
You know that point in your life when you realize the house you grew up in isn’t really your home anymore? All of a sudden even though you have some place where you put your shit, that idea of home is gone. You’ll see one day when you move out it just sort of happens one day and it’s gone. You feel like you can never get it back. It’s like you feel homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. Maybe it’s like this rite of passage, you know. You won’t ever have this feeling again until you create a new idea of home for yourself, you know, for your kids, for the family you start, it’s like a cycle or something. I don’t know, but I miss the idea of it, you know. Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people that miss the same imaginary place.
Garden State (2004)